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Tuesday 11th May 2010
I would like to congratulate Mike Jones and all those that reside at the for completing their first year of publication.  A virtual public house is such a brilliant concept .  With more and more quality writers coming aboard, consuming the pink drinks and eating Granny's coleslaw who knows where it will end.

Lately it's been death and motherhood that has moved my pen - sorrow and joy.  Hope you enjoy the new articles.

Friday 19th March 2010
Here we are already in March.  It's true what they say about time going by faster as you age.  My time is increasingly being occupied with things Pacific as you will notice by the news article that appeared in the Solomon Star and Solomon Times.  What's more  a good deal of my recent efforts have been put into a paper I will be presenting on RAMSI in the Solomon Islands and the implications for political nationalism.  I will be presenting the paper in Melbourne at the Australian Association for the Advancements of Pacific Studies on April 10.

I'm still aghast that there have been no ramifications for the AFP over the Moti matter.  The latest article on Unleashed documents this and it's now published here

The other two new pieces are just some observations on life - hope you enjoy them.

Saturday 9th January 2010

2010 has started badly for me with the passing of my father on new year's eve.  My eulogy to him was first published by Mike Jones the editor at 'The Pigs Arms'. and is reproduced here under 'articles'.   To all who sent their condolences and kind wishes, a heartfelt thank you.

The new decade can only improve.

Wednesday 23rd December 2009
On 15 December Justice Debra Mullins of the Brisbane Supreme Court handed down her decision in the Julian Moti case.  She granted his application for a permanent stay of proceedings - meaning all charges were dropped.  Her grounds were that payment to witnesses "brought the administration of justice into disrepute" and were "an affront to the public conscience."

I interviewed a relieved but surprisingly calm Julian Moti the next day.  My news article appeared on page two of the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday 19 December.  An opinion article authored by me was also published on They called it 'Julian Moti accuses Australia of "ulterior political motives"' while I just called it 'Mot Free'.  (They love changing my headings)  The comments posted reveal that he has much support within the Australian community.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the story of my past Christmases  for the 'Pig's Arms' Christmas edition, hope you've enjoyed reading it.

To all my readers and supporters I wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Keep commenting - I appreciate them all.


Friday 4th December 2009
The last few weeks in November has seen me concentrating on coming to terms with migration and boat people.  If nothing else, everyone seems to have an opinion with most believing passionately in their own particular position.

It’s been a vigorous debate taking me out to Cabramatta to check things out for myself, and culminating in the article that has been published today (4 December, 2009) on the ‘Diplomat’ site You can also read it here, under articles ‘We were all boat people once’.

I need to thank Fairfield Councillor, Dennis Huynh for sharing his story with my readers and Acting Superintendent Alf Sergi and Inspector Mary Nesbitt of the Cabramatta police for sharing their knowledge of the area, especially in that which relates to crime.

The good news is that you can expect to see more of my articles appearing on The Diplomat site.  From this month forward I will be a regular contributor, supplying mainly Australian stories.  If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.

Saturday 21st November 2009

The new official website for Dr. Susan Merrell (journalist) is finally up and running! The site is located at and contains all the information you may need on Dr. Merrell and an extensive catalogue of her published articles. Dr. Merrell thanks Morgan Merrell and Vaux Studios for their work on the site. Feel free to browse the site for more information.  

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